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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What Does a Listing Agent Do For a Home Seller in MN?

What does an agent do for a Home Seller?

This list simply contains 184 activities but it doesn't stop there.  As the market and technology changes, the job of a REALTOR is always changing.

It's often more about what you DON'T see them do than what you do see them doing!  There are hundreds of duties agents perform when listing and selling a home and many hours of work involved to complete them all!  Some tasks are more time intensive and take hours to perform while other may be a simple phone call. 

Most full time agents work more than 60 hours per week.  They work unpredictable hours and often have their personal lives interrupted by business.  Especially in today's society of texting, emails and the internet.

 Some tasks also cost the agent money - money that is spent whether the home sells or not. Meaning, it's money that is spent without guarantee of getting paid for their work at all.

Here is a list of activities that agents spend their time doing... You'll notice as mentioned above, most of it is NOT stuff you actually see them doing for you, their client!

Pre-Listing Activities

1. Make appointment with seller for listing presentation.
2. Send a text or e-mail confirmation of appointment and/or call to confirm.
3. Review pre-appointment interview and appointment questions.
4. Research comparable currently listed properties.
5. Research sales activity for past 6+ months from MLS and public databases.
6. Research “average days on market” for properties similar in type, price and location.
7. Review property tax information.
8. Prepare “comparable market analysis” (CMA) to establish market value.
9. Verify legal names of owner(s) in county’s public property records.
10. Research property’s ownership and deed type.
11. Research property’s public record information for lot size and dimensions and/or obtain copy of subdivision plat/complex layout.
12. Verify legal description.
13. Research property’s land use coding and deed restrictions.
14. Research property’s current use and zoning.
15. Research location drawbacks and benefits
16. Prepare listing presentation package.
17. Perform exterior “curb appeal assessment” of subject property.
18. Compile and assemble formal file on property.
19. Confirm current public schools and explain their impact on market value.
20. Review listing appointment checklist to ensure completi... 

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