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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Where is the best housing market? Ramsey, Anoka or Washington County?

How is the Housing Market? 

If you are watching the news, you get regional housing stats and those numbers are very general. Since we know real estate is very localized, we need to break it down further so let's break it down by county here using Ramsey, Anoka or Washington County in Minnesota.
These stats and graphs are still going to be a very broad overview since each city and neighborhood have their own unique statistic and the market is changing daily however this will give you an idea about how the market varies.
 When you are ready to move, call me to get the full local story.

Housing Inventory Levels 

Current Ramsey, Anoka or Washington County Compared to the Twin Cities Region

Average Percent of Sale Price Received

Ramsey, Anoka or Washington County % of List Price Received Compared to the Twin Cities Region

Average Days on Market 

Amount of time that homes in Ramsey, Anoka or Washington County sit on the market

Average Price per Square Foot 

Comparing Ramsey, Anoka or Washington County and the Twin Cities Region

What do these numbers mean for the local housing market in the Twin Cities? What are industry experts predicting?  Contact me today and get the full story!

Make educated decisions! 

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