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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What home selling tips are the most important for sellers to know?

Trulia surveyed 500 real estate agents about the importance of two dozen top home selling tips. Each tip was then ranked based on the survey responses. Those viewed as being “very important” by 80 percent of agents or more are represented in the infographic here, “Home Selling Tips Every Seller Should Know.”
What home selling tips are the most important for Hugo home sellers to know?

Here is the full list of important home selling tips from agents across the country in order of top ranked importance (MAKE SURE YOU READ MY FINAL THOUGHT BELOW!):

Price Your Home Realistically From the Start

Keep Your House Clean, Tidy and De-cluttered

Work With an Agent Who Excels at Online Marketing

Make It Easy to Show Your Home

Don’t Sign With an Unqualified Buyer

Listen to Your Agent!

Make Small Upgrades to Your Home

Work With an Agent Who Follows the Competition

Stage Your Home’s Exterior

Don’t Insist on the Asking Price

Alert Family and Friends That You Are Selling Your Home

Make Your Home Move-In Ready

Brighten Up Your Home - Maximize Light

Clear Out Your Closets

Don’t Take the First Offer - (Counter Offer!)

De-Personalize Your Home

Don’t Over-Upgrade

Conceal Your Pets

Don’t Work With the First Agent You Find

Hire a Professional Listing Photographer

Throw Buyers a Bone to Close Escrow Quickly (only 29.5 percent of agents say this is a very important tip)

Offer Up Extras to the Buyers

Keep in mind, we don't know the success level of all the agents interviewed for this survey - or the intentions of their answers.
For example, I noticed that hiring a professional photographer was near the bottom of the recommendation list but top agents across the country say this is a must, especially the higher you get in home value.
I do agree that listing your home for a realistic price from the start is the MOST important thing you can do. Listing high thinking that someone will offer lower just results in getting skipped over altogether.

Remember, for most people, selling (or buying) a home is the largest transaction of their life.  Make sure that you choose and agent that is both qualified and understanding of your needs.

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