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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why are all those real estate search sites free?

Did you know the home listings you find on public websites are generally outdated or inaccurate? A large number of the homes you see on open websites have already accepted offers. The most current property listings in the twin cities come directly from the real NorthstarMLS through an agent that has a membership.

None of the public site you see online are as accurate or up to date as the our local Northstar MLS. Why? Because Northstar MLS is where we enter and track our listings! All those other sites get their info from the MLS (or a listing syndication provider).

So why are those homes still displayed online if they are sold? It's simple. It's marketing.  For the website but sometimes for the agent too.

You see, the more homes the website has to display, the more they get you coming back to look and they can sell advertising impressions to real estate professionals.  And when you register on the home search site, they basically sell your information to agents and mortgage professionals.  So, free does come with a price...

The more homes an agent shows listed for sale, the more buyers they will attract. And if a buyer calls on a sold property, they can potentially hook them into another property. Agents offer free searches in their sites to draw you in to work with them.

It's all pretty genius advertising. :-)

So, now you know that you can only get access to the REAL Northstar MLS that agents use directly from an active, licensed agent that is a current MLS subscriber themselves.

If you want to be set up with a REAL TIME search from the MLS, contact me!

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