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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

You Want the Best Agent, But Do They Want YOU?

Do the best agents want to work with you?

Of course you want to work with the BEST agent because they will help you get the best price, handle things the best and help you have the best overall experience.

So naturally, the best agents want to focus their attention on the best buyers. So, how can you become one of those great buyers that agents WANT to work with?

Here are 5 tips to help you prove you deserve the best agent:

1. Have a plan for your move.

If you want an agent to bring high energy and attention to your search, make sure you’re clear about your timing. Ideally you’re prepared to purchase within 1-4 months of contacting an agent. It’s fine if it’s longer, as long as you are transparent about it and are contacting them early to help with the planning.
Start Your Plan

2. Get pre-approved and understand exactly how much you can afford.

Sounds obvious, but it’s necessary. Great agents will be far more interested if you can start the conversation with, “Which lender should I contact to get pre-approved? I'd like to have a clear understanding of what I can afford in the local area." or "I’ve been pre-approved for a $400,000 house, and I’ve got a down payment of $50,000 saved up. Given my household income, I’d feel comfortable with monthly housing expenses of about $2,500. Do you have experience helping people find and buy a house within that price range?”
Get Pre Approved

3. Meet with the agent before you go on home tours.

Sending a request at 8pm on Wednesday evening for a home tour/showing the following Saturday morning is not showing motivation, just curiosity.

Have a realistic understanding of your wants and needs to present at your meeting. You need a true understanding of the things you’re willing to be flexible about, and those that are genuine deal-breakers. Force yourself to be flexible about things that are easy to change — an ugly shag rug isn’t a deal-breaker. Once your agent has this list, it’s much easier to get a sense of your likes and dislikes, and understand the things that truly matter to you.
Book a Meeting

4. Be honest and respectful.

Your agent asks questions for a reason, to better help you!  Answer their questions honestly. If you haven't thought about something before, let the agent guide you through the thought process.

Also, agents waste a lot of time showing properties that buyers don’t like. This isn’t a problem if it happens once or twice — that’s a natural part of the process. But great agents want immediate and detailed feedback so they can refine their search criteria or give you guidance if you have unrealistic expectations. If you aren't satisfied with the homes in your budget, you have two choices: Stop your search until you have enough money saved to get what you want or lower your expectations of what your money can buy. No agent can pull homes out of thin air.

5. Ask them what it takes to be a great client.

Everyone’s different, but it’s important to know what makes your agent tick. You’ll set yourself apart by asking a prospective agent a simple question at the very beginning: “What can I do to help you help me?” This sends the message that you’re motivated, and want to make sure they have everything they need to do their best possible work.
Since most of what an agent does for their clients happens when the client is not around, this will help the agent to trust you will not cause unnecessary headaches for them interfering with the important tasks they need to complete for your transaction.

Great agents don't chase for business. They provide expert advice, offer professional assistance and choose the clients they know are motivated and prepared.

If you are ready to be your best and work with the best, start by requesting a Buyer Questionnaire today!

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