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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do You Understand the Mortgage Process?

Most first time home buyers are clueless about the mortgage process and rightfully so! The process can be complicated and daunting and it's not something you go through often.
Even homeowners that haven't moved in a while can find all the changes in the process overwhelming or confusing.  Check out this infographic from KCM to get you "in the know" about the mortgage process basics.

Need a list of lenders? Click HERE.

Are you thinking about moving up from your starter home to your next home and not sure where to start?  Check out the-process-of-moving-up-to-bigger-home.

Are you a first time buyer looking for someone to help you through the process? Contact me today!

Can you buy a home with only 3% down?


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