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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Minor Improvements with Big Return

General cleaning and minor improvements can have your home feeling updated and fresh. 

Minor improvements such as replacing the kitchen faucet and adding new cabinet door handles can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen.

Consider switching out old fluorescent lights for new track lighting or adding a new countertop; laminate isn’t too expensive and can really help update the room.

If the appliances don’t match and you can’t afford to replace them with new ones, a less pricey option is to replace their doors or face panels with matching colors which can generally be ordered direct from the manufacturer. I had a client that painted the fridge with chalkboard paint with great results!

Updated Tile Shower
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Consider changing out old towel bars, toilet seats and sink faucets.

If your tiling is old and outdated, it should also be replaced. Re-grouting the tile around the shower and bath is also an easy and inexpensive update.  If you have wall to wall tile, sometimes it's possible to remove a row and replace it with a modern accent row.

 If you can afford it, consider replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with wood laminate flooring. It is cheaper than other hardwoods but can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the years in maintenance costs.

 If replacing the front door is not in your budget, consider cleaning and repainting it to add curb appeal and changing out the handle-and-lock to help suggest that it’s a solid, sturdy home.

General cleaning and maintenance of the exterior can greatly improve curb appeal. 

Remove any items that are left sitting unused, including old, rusty patio furniture or broken garden tools and equipment. These things generally can’t be picked up by your local garbage company and you may need to find a rental dumpster service so that you can tidy up your yard and easily dispose of those unwanted items.

Additionally, make sure that walkways are swept and the lawn is well-manicured.

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