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Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Your Home Sold - Guaranteed!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Did Someone Die In Your House?

Would you pay $11.99 to check your address for murders, suicides, suspicious or natural deaths, meth lab activity or fires? 

For some people, a death in a home, even of natural causes, can deter them from purchasing or renting a home. In Minnesota, deaths from natural causes do NOT have to be disclosed in a Seller's Property Disclosure Statement. a web-based service that helps you find out if anyone has died at any valid US address by instantly providing you with information that may impact your decision to purchase or rent a house starting at $11.99 per search.

They also include a search for known meth lab activity and fires in a home. These items are required to be disclosed on a MN Seller's Property Disclosure Statement though it's buyer beware as many sellers may be unaware of things that happened before they owned the home that were not disclosed to them and no matter what, you should always get a professional home inspection done.

Just as with any service, Died in House™ does not guarantee to have identified or confirmed all deaths that have occurred in or at a specific address and they provide no representation as to the presence of any ghost, haunting or any other paranormal activity; or the nature of any such future activities.

Does the thought of buying a home that may have had a death, paranormal activity REALLY BOTHER YOU?  Call me and I will help find out more about researching these things or help you look into building a new construction home.

Are you ready to start your home search regardless?

As a seller, are you questioning what else you may have to disclose when you sell your home? Let's chat further about your options and requirements.

You may also be interested in a C.L.U.E. report or radon testing. There is so much to know when buying a home! Don't get stuck with a rookie!  Call me today!

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